Jerusalem: A Gathering of Nations
Joan Almond on Jerusalem

In a city of such contrasts and backgrounds, people seemed to go on doing what they should - living their lives as best they could under any circumstances, and existing together in some sort of harmony. What caught my attention more than anything was that whoever they were, they seemed to be trying to seek that human level - to strike that sense of balance wherever, and with whomever, they lived. I saw structures old and new, sometimes in places that did not make any sense. I saw people relocating whether they wanted to or not - but always somehow adopting or rationalizing their situation in order to hit that sense of balance again. They still gathered for celebrations and rituals, prayer or play; the markets, bustled with bread deliveries and the smell of spices and fruits. Life went on. The Prophet Micah said, "And all nations shall be gathered together in thy streets..." Today it is very different: "gathering" is now "separation." But when I was there, that sense of balance prevailed. That is what I loved, and what I photographed, in Jerusalem.
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